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Jump into the Safe Harbour adventure! Our innovative platform connects project creators and backers, cultivating dynamic communities that grow and thrive around each unique project.

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Fast Transactions

Ethereum L2 Blockchains


Fully Decentralized App

Secure & Transparent

Maintain control after pledging

How Safe Harbour works?


Pledge a project, receive an NFT

Supporting a project rewards you with a NFT, unlocking access to exclusive community groups on Discord or Telegram, boosting project engagement.


Vote on how the money is spent

Funds raised are securely held in a smart contract, with backers granted the authority to decide on fund distribution through voting.


Tradable NFTs on marketplaces

Ownership and sale of your NFTs are facilitated on platforms like OpenSea, with new owners acquiring all prior rights and potential benefits.


Enhanced accessibility and reduced costs

Safe Harbour is accessible globally online, removing the need for intermediaries and lowering transaction fees.

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Backers and Creators Benefits

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Enjoy transparency and influence how funds are used as the project advances


Safe Harbour makes crowdfunding open to anyone with just an internet access


Develop an involved community through private NFT-based groups


Safe Harbour uses the blockchain to cut out middlemen and simplify funding.
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Unleashing the true
Potential of NFTs

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NFTs are more than just digital art. With Safe Harbour, your pledge rewards you with an NFT that defines the benefits you'll receive upon project completion and provides access to the project's private group. These NFTs are tradable on popular marketplaces, creating new opportunities for ownership, value, and liquidity.

  • Your NFT give access to the project private group
  • Every NFT defines the rewards that the backer will receive
  • These project NFts are tradable on NFT marketplaces
  • Governed by a DAO

Safe Harbour is Multi-chain and compatible with all main Ethereum L2 blockchains








Polygon zkEVM



Frequently Asked Question?

When you find a project you would like to support, select a reward tier that suits your preferences and click on "Pledge" to contribute funds to the project. Complete the transaction using your MetaMask wallet and USDC tokens on the Polygon network.

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a unique digital asset that represents ownership, access, or rewards associated with a specific project. In Safe Harbour, NFTs serve as membership cards, granting access to private Discord or Telegram groups and providing various rewards depending on the level of support pledged.

Yes, you can trade your project NFTs on marketplaces like OpenSea. When you sell or trade your NFT, the new owner automatically inherits the rights and future rewards associated with the NFT.

In the community section of the project page, as a backer, you can vote on proposals submitted by the project creator, influencing how the funds are utilized. Monitor the private Discord or Telegram group for announcements about new proposals, review the proposal details, and cast your vote within the 7-day voting period.

If a project fails to reach its funding goal, a "Refund" button will appear on the project page. Backers can click this button to initiate the refund process. They will receive a refund of their USDC tokens, minus a 3% platform fee retained by Safe Harbour. The project will not receive any funds in this case. The 3% platform fee is non-refundable and is used to cover the costs of maintaining and improving the Safe Harbour platform. Project creators are encouraged to carefully plan their campaigns and set realistic funding goals to maximize their chances of success.

Safe Harbour is a decentralized platform that facilitates the crowdfunding process and provides tools for project creators and backers to interact. However, Safe Harbour is not responsible for the success or honesty of project creators. Users are advised to conduct their own research and exercise caution before backing any project. It is essential for backers to assess the credibility of project creators, the feasibility of the projects, and the likelihood of achieving the stated goals before making a decision to pledge their support.
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The Safe Harbour Token serves as a central element in our ecosystem

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Total Supply

100 M




$HARB is at the forefront of the Safe Harbour ecosystem, serving not only as a medium of exchange but also as a tool for community engagement and governance.

Self-Financing Mechanism

Transactions involving $HARB include a tax, funding the platform without external investors, maintaining its decentralized nature.

Token Contract